October 18, 2021

Password-stealing malware is still an attractive target for cyber-badguys; the last 6 months have seen a 45% rise in targets. But why work so hard? Just ask everybody on Facebook what the colour of their first car was, or what the name of their first dog was… – Password-Stealing Attacks Surge 45% in Six Months

Too funny! 😂 I’m hoping that their first piece of advice will be to get off Chrome! – Google Creates Cybersecurity Action Team

Definition of ROI: pay $5,400 for network access to healthcare organizations with more than $300M in revenue – Ransomware Group FIN12 Aggressively Going After Healthcare Targets

If you’re an SMB using QuickBooks for your business: beware! Lots of phishing activity going on! – Intuit warns QuickBooks customers of ongoing phishing attacks

A $42M fine for Facebook? Pffff…they make that in 5 hours! – Irish regulators support Facebook’s ‘consent bypass’ legal maneuver, suggest $42 million fine for GDPR violations

Really??? Who’s not ready? Oh, yeah, wait – most companies! 🙄 – Ransomware is the biggest cyber threat to business. But most firms still aren’t ready for it

It’s. Your. Job. 🩹 – Ransomware: Cyber criminals are still exploiting these old vulnerabilities, so patch now

A $60M loss for six hours? That’s pretty consistent with the “$42M in 5 hours” mentioned above. ($86B in revenue in 2020??? That’s billion with a “B”!!!) – Facebook’s outage likely cost the company over $60 million

An eye for an eye. Fair enough. – Netherlands can use intelligence or armed forces to respond to ransomware attacks

In the age of “diversity and inclusivity”, it’s not nice to exclude people. But, hey – if the shoe fits… – U.S. convenes 30 countries on ransomware threat — without Russia or China

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