"Why would they target MY business?"

In 2022, TELUS Business published the results of a survey of over 450 Canadian small businesses. The results were…not encouraging:

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Learn how a cybersecurity assessment can shed light on your risk level.

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Note that I am not in any way affiliated with TELUS; I just found their report very well-done and relevant.

A vulnerability assessment is where it starts!

Most entrepreneurs underestimate the risk of a cyberattack on their business.
  • “Why would anyone target me??”
  • “We’ve got a good firewall.”
  • “I explained to my employees not to click on attachments or links in emails.”
  • “I’ve got good backups.”
Until they are, and they’re looking at 1 to 2 weeks of downtime to recover (average downtime is 16.2 days to get all systems back up and cleaned).
They may then be looking at large ransoms to pay to get their data back (backups won’t cover you – attackers now threaten to publish your data on the dark web if you don’t pay, exposing you to all sorts of privacy issues). The company’s reputation also takes a big hit: customers, employees, and vendors may lose confidence in your ability to protect their data.
It is estimated that 60% of small businesses end up closing their door after a cyberattack, unable to recover.

Why wait to be a victim??

A vulnerability assessment will shed light on the situation, letting you know where you’re exposed. I will assess the state of your computers, your network, your servers, and your cloud services.
I will  report – in plain English! – on what you need to correct. You can then give this report to your IT department, your IT service provider, or engage my services to help remediate things.
Let’s be clear: you can never be 100% safe! There will always be hackers trying to get to you; but if you make it difficult for them, then their attempts will most likely be unsuccessful.