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I have been fortunate recently to be invited to contribute to media stories centered on cybersecurity. This page lists all the links to these interviews, both television and radio. The bulk of these are in French, as they have been in local Quebec media, as well as Radio-Canada (the French arm of the CBC) across the country.





November 22, 2022

CTV Montreal

Interview with Maya Johnson about the cyberattack on the City of Westmount: Cyberattack cripples City of Westmount servers | CTV News

November 16, 2022

CBC Ottawa

Interview with Alan Neal during his All in a Day show to discuss the AG's report: AG report says lack of direction is putting Canadians' info at risk of cyberattacks 

September 26, 2022


What do you think of the idea of having a digital government ID in Quebec?

September 21, 2022


Discussion with Elias Makos about the Uber breach: Major security breach at Uber by lone hacker (

September 16, 2022

CTV News Montreal

Interview with Matt Grillo to discuss the cyber incident at the City of Laval: Cyberattack in Laval | CTV News

July 20, 2022


Radio interview on Montreal’s CJAD800 with David Heurtel to discuss whether the RCMP is using spyware to spy on Canadians (my first English media appearance, and apparently I should tryout for Just for Laughs!!): Why is the RCMP refusing to name the spyware they use to monitor Canadians? (

July 8, 2022

The Big Rogers Outage

On Friday, July 8th, Canadians woke up to major Internet issues; initially it was thought that the Interac system was down. As we all quickly found out, however, it was bigger than that. The entire Rogers network had dropped off the Internet!

It didn’t take long before the phone started to ring and I was invited to comment on the issue both on radio and television, as well as some follow-ups on Monday.

8:10 AM

106.9 FM

11:15 AM

Radio-Canada Téléjournal

Recorded a segment for TV report: Panne chez Rogers | Info | ICI

3:15 PM

98.5 FM

4:15 PM

Radio-Canada Toronto

6:00 PM

TVA Quebec

Monday July 11th, 2022

10:30 AM

106.9 FM

Update with the initial radio station that had called me on Friday morning: Une mise à jour à l’origine de la panne Rogers — 106.9 Mauricie (

10:00 PM


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