Secure File Sharing and Messaging with TagMyDoc

Email hasn’t evolved all that much in the past 3-4 decades; the protocols used to exchange messages are still very basic and insecure.

This explains why email is still – by far! – the biggest attack vector used by cyber-bad-guys. And yet, email is still the most widely used communication channel in business.

Many organizations share very sensitive files and messages with customers, vendors, and partners. For example, think about accounting and legal firms, and the amount of highly sensitive data that needs to be shared with customers.

Perhaps email isn’t the best way.

This is where a solution like TagMyDoc comes in.

TagMyDoc provides a fully encrypted file sharing and messaging platform. Users can create and organize secure workspaces that allows them to share files and exchange messages with their clients, vendors, or partners. This includes the ability to allow these external recipients to upload files that they need to share with your organisation’s users.

screenshot 2022 01 10 at 1.58.16 pm
Files can be securely shared with customers.

Once you have created the secure space and uploaded your files, you simply invite external recipients into the space. Once they access the site, they will simply be asked to provide a password they want to use to access TagMyDoc. If they are given the proper permissions, they can also upload files and send you messages.

screenshot 2022 01 10 at 1.59.05 pm
Users can also exchange secure messages to discuss files or other matters.

Next step? Book a demo with me to see how this works and discuss how it can help you avoid possible data breaches.

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