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Improve your cybersecurity posture

Try this: head over to and put in cybersecurity protection, for example. I got back 75M results. That’s millions!

Try cybersecurity software. I got 92.9M results.

Cybersecurity tools? 87.3M results.

In other words, it’s an extremely noisy industry, and although so many vendors are trying very hard to convince us all that they have the “magic pill” that will protect your network and your data (some even claim 100% protection!), there are still countless, daily attacks, breaches, and data leaks.

There is, in fact, no “magic pill”.

It’s not surprising that most entrepreneurs don’t want to address cybersecurity; they expect it’s going to drain all the money from their bank accounts, and so they figure the risk-benefit ratio is not worth it. There is, however, one thing businesses can do to drastically increase their cybersecurity posture, but you’ll have to talk with me to find out what it is! It’s free, abundant, and every single business can do this, without fail. Did I mention it’s free?

If you would like help in getting some answers, advice, guidance, etc., then that’s where I can be of assistance. I can help you determine what is right for your business, and if there is money to be spent, where and how it should be spent (Disclaimer: my business model is NOT as a product reseller; I just sell services).