V2Cloud – The Workplace Has No More Walls

There is no longer any doubt that the pandemic of 2020 has changed many things; thousands of people have forcibly discovered working from home. Once we get out of this situation, many will want to continue working from home.

Or the cottage.

It doesn’t matter, work is no longer restricted to a specific location: it can now be accessed from anywhere. For SMEs that do not necessarily have qualified personnel to provide these technologies, or that cannot spend the money required to equip themselves with the required technologies, then the “cloud” is a great solution.

V2Cloud enables SMEs to provide their employees with the ability to work from anywhere, in a very secure way. Each client has its own server, completely isolated from all other clients in their infrastructure; therefore, there is no possibility that a client who suffers a cyber attack could infect other clients. Combined with my cyber security management offer, we can ensure excellent protection for your data and applications.

V2Cloud meets the needs of any small accounting firm as it provides an easily accessible solution that allows collaborating on applications and information within the company in a secure way. The performance of our different software applications has improved and we now have the ability to access them remotely at all times, which facilitates working from anywhere.

Caroline Plamondon, President

To learn more about V2Cloud, please visit https://v2cloud.com.

You can also see that they are very well rated for their technology:

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